Frequently Asked Questions

Support? Email

Support email is the best way since we have staff who watches after hours for critical problems. For regular support during office hours 9am-5pm Pacific Time, you can call 877-843-3218 and choose extension 2.

You can submit your property in three easy steps!

First, you'll need to make sure you have your MLS# or all the property details as well as your photos. Once you're ready, you can begin!


The 3 steps in once you've logged into your client page:

Step 1:

  • Select 'Submit a New Property' from the left hand menu bar

  • Fill in all the fields that are highlighted in blue (example)

  • Click submit. You're almost done!


What if I don't have an MLS#?

No problem. You will have to enter the information manually.

I have an MLS#, but it didn't work

Enter the MLS# regardless as it may work soon after. Continue to manually input your property information.

Getting Your Listing on Television

While you are inputting your property information, you may choose to have your listing appear on television. This requires purchasing television credits which

  • 30 second videos are 1 credit
  • 60 second videos are 1.5 credits


When my property is removed from MLS/Point2, will it be removed from REC?

  • Point2: Yes
  • MLS: No, you need to ensure you login and remove the listing from REC by marking it done/pulled

I don't have photos yet, will my information be saved?

Yes, the information will be saved but the listing will not be processed further until there are photos submitted. Clicking Submit on the property form will save your listing. You can revisit this at anytime to add pictures or to make changes.

I submitted all my information, now what?

Click Submit at the bottom, the photo uploader page will automatically appear where you can submit your photos. Immediately after submitting photos, the page where you set your picture order will appear.

Step 2: Uploading Photos

Select 'Upload Property Pictures' for new listings and/or to replace/add photos to an existing listing.


The photo uploader isn't working/I don't see where to add the pictures

This is likely because the Java application is not set up and/or it has not been updated. Java is included in all Windows programs.

Follow this link for more information: PC & Mac

I submitted my photos but I got an error message that they're too small

640x480 is the minimum standard requirement for photos. The higher resolution the better as this will enhance your listing with crisp, clear photos which viewers will enjoy no matter how large or small their TV/Computer screens are.

Photos Upload & Pictures Order

Changing Property Information

I need to edit my property, why can't I see it?

  1. Select 'Manage My Properties' from the left hand menu

  2. Select the property you're editing from the drop down in the centre of the page

  3. Make changes to your property information and submit

Do I have to go to each property just to make my changes?

You can go to 'Batch Change Properties' and submit changes to several properties at one time.


Why do I not see the changes I've made in my video?

When you make changes, the video needs to be re-rendered and so this might take time. If you notice it has taken more than 24 hours, please notify us and we'll look at the property.

What if I want a new voice over done?

You can update your voice over script in the 'Manage My Properties' tab by entering in the new text here:


Why can't I make changes to the address?

To ensure that our database is kept as organized as possible and that listings have their dedicated property ID numbers, we set it up so that if there is a valid reason for an address change, clients can let us know first and we'll help you change it. i.e. Unit# changes or Postal Code errors for Google Maps purposes.

I thought my subscription included unlimited television

Television credits are separate from the standard subscription. You have unlimited web listings which includes your listings being sent to:

  • YouTube
  • Juwai (Chinese Language Real Estate site)
  • YouKu (Chinese Language Real Estate site)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • more in the future

How do I purchase credits to get my property on television?

To purchase credits from REC, you can purchase them online through your client account or contact Matt White

How do I know it's really on television?

You can check your TV listings by going to 'Television Schedule' from your client page. Your listings will be highlighted there.


I watched the Real Estate Channel and couldn't see my property

  1. It could be that your listings are posted to a different region from which you are watching. Listings by default are set to be posted to your home market, usually where your brokerage is located unless otherwise specified.
  2. Double check what city/region your listing is under
  3. Properties take 24-48 hours to process so if you don't see it even after receiving a confirmation email of activation, let us know.
  4. Your account may have run out of TV credits. You can check your account status through the client page or contact us.

What if my property sells within a few days of putting it on television, will I be reimbursed my credit?

Every credit is dedicated to one property, so if it airs on television and your credit is deducted but your property sells as soon after it airs, we can add 'sold' banner to the video which will continue to air for a limited time as per the Real Estate Board regulations.

  1. You can pay outstanding invoices through the client page by credit card. If you need to change your credit card information, you can also do that through the client page under the 'Edit Profile' section
  2. Contact our Support Department at Support

I've changed Brokerages, where do I make the change and will it show on all my active properties?

  1. Edit your brokerage through 'Edit Profile' from your client page
  2. Submit a new brokerage logo
  3. All your active properties will be re-rendered to reflect your new contact and brokerage information

How can I change my password?

Click on 'Edit Profile' and scroll down. At the bottom there is a field to change your password.

Where can I see the links to Youtube and other external sites?

  1. Click on 'Manage My Properties'
  2. Select a property from the drop down menu located in the middle of the page
  3. Scroll down. There you will see links and an embed code for your listing

I have a website, how do I place the REC video on my page?

  1. Copy the embed HTML embed code located on the 'Manage My Properties' page

  2. Paste the code in the appropriate field on your website
  3. The video player will appear on your page once you submit it
  4. An alternative and more widely supported option is to use the Embed code from YouTube. These will work on Facebook and Twitter

How do I share the property video with my clients?

To share you can copy and paste the links into communications with your clients, or send it directly from your listing video on the Real Estate Channel by clicking 'share'