Real Estate Channel (Canada) and Realty Showcase TV (US) are changing the way we handle login for our clients. You will see a Sign In with different social media accounts on the Clients page, in place of the traditional username and password. Many websites use a third-party login service such as LinkedIn, Google and FaceBook to speed up the login process and provide greater security than keeping a list of passwords with our customer records. We have implemented a transition period to gradually let our users change to this new login.


Q: How does this login work?

A: This new login is referred to as "Safe Login", (or more technically is OAuth2). In common terms, it means that instead of using a password stored on our system, we let a third party trusted system authenticate you which then allows you access to our site. By clicking the login button the first time, the third party site will ask your permission to share your profile with us. We use this identity information to log you in.

Once you have done this once, future logins on that same browser are automatic, requiring clicking a single button and you’re in. It’s more secure for you because we no longer store your password (all passwords on file will be purged once this transition is complete).

Q: I have assistants that login in on my behalf, how do they log in if I use my LinkedIn account?

A: For right now, they can continue using the old login which appears as a link on the bottom of the Login screen. Since your old username and password are still on file, this login still works. Shortly, we will begin adding a feature to the Clients page where you can add Assistants. They will receive a link they click to be added as an assistant using their own login, but it grants them access to your account. As an account owner, you can add or remove assistants as necessary. We will be sending information on this new feature shortly when it’s ready.

Q: If I authorize a provider, how can I un-authorize it?

A: Each provider has a way to remove authorization for third-party sites under your account settings or preferences. Please consult the social media provider in question on removing authorization.

Q: Can I still use my old login?

A: You can click on the link marked "by clicking here to use the older login." which switches to the username/password login. All old login information still works. We have not set a date for removing this option (and we will not until we have ensured all our customers are fully comfortable with the new login and our assistant feature has also been rolled out.)